If you're new to Instagram and want to be known by the Instagram community, the best way is to gain more followers.

Step 1 - Post Some Pictures

First, you have to post some pictures! If you don't post, people will have no reason to follow you! To post a picture follow these steps:

1. Tap on the camera button on the menu at the bottom of your screen
2. Pick the picture you want to post and click 'Next'
3.  Touch up or edit your picture
4., Write a caption or tag people
5. Add your location
6. Finally Tap 'Share' 

Step 2 - Write A Good Bio

 At the top of your feed, you have your bio. Write something meanintfull in there, because if you have a private account that's the only thing that people can see. Write something about you, that you like, or maybe a quote that represents you, etc. Studies show that using emojis make the bio more fun and welcoming, so use those! 

Step 3 - Follow Other People

Go and check out other people's feeds! Tap the search icon on the menu at the bottom of the screen to seach for users. Go follow them to check what they post daily! If you follow users, they will most likely follow you back!

Step 4 - Use Follow Hashtags

 There are a couple hashtags that are known to increase your followers, like:


Use them next time you post a picture!

Step 5 - Comment On Other Users Posts

 If you write nice things to people, they will want to check your feed out. But don't over do it, because then people will stop believing you. Comment something sincere and specific, like "Wow! I really love how your hair looks in that selfie! You are really beautiful!" instead of just "Nice selfie!"

Enjoy this video to explore further
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