If you want to mix things up and not go on to your phone everytime someone messages you, now you can do it on your laptop!

What Can You do With WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp Web is an online based system that syncs your iPhone to your computer. When you receive a message on your iPhone, it automatically syncs to your computer and you will receive the message on your computer at the same time as on your iPhone. The pros of using WhatsApp Web are:

1. You have a bigger screen and bigger keyboard for better typing.
2. If you want to copy an email into WhatsApp, you can do it on WhatsApp Web!
3. It's just much easier to use WhatApp on your computer!

To use WhatsApp Web, you need the following things:
- A stable internet connection
- An iPhone with WhatsApp installed
- The latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge (Whichever you are using)

 Courtesy of WhatsApp Brand