It is important to protect yourself and the information that you keep in your phone. iOS 6 allows you to control which apps have access to your contacts list. Follow the steps below to secure your contacts list quickly and easily. If you want to simply delete unwanted contacts see here.

Step 1 - Click on Settings on Home Screen

 See below.

Step 2 - Find Privacy Tab and Click
see below
Step 3 - Click on Contacts Tab
See below
Image courtesy of: Misho Baranovic
Step 4
Now find the apps that you want to revoke access to in the list of apps. Just slide the toggle next to the app to the OFF position.

Image courtesy of: bwscmanuals

Step 5

There you go! You can now choose which apps you are comfortable with having access to your contacts and which apps you are not. Just follow these same steps anytime you want to manage any new apps.

Image courtesy of: Muhammad Azam
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