iMessage is the best app to communicate with with other users of Apple devices iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Mac users. The iMessages app typically allows you to only send the photo from your camera roll.  Here we show how Audio Messages are sent using iMessage.

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Step 1 - Launch the Voice Memo App


Image courtesy of: idownloadblog

Step 2 - Record a Message


Image courtesy of: dummies

Step 3 - Stop the Recording

Touch the red Pause button if you want to pause or tap Done to stop recording to save the file. Once saved it appears on top of the list per the image below.

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Step 4 - Tap on the Arrow icon

Touch the ‘blue’ icon next to the memo.

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Step 5 - Tap the "Share" Button
Tap on share and select Message. 

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Step 6 - Attach your Message and Send

 Send and your voice message is delivered!  

Image courtesy of: igeeksblog

Enjoy this video to explore further
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