Need to get past the passcode screen of your iPhone?  Sometimes there are emergencies or you just plain forgot.  The iPhone is designed so If you get the passcode wrong 6 times on an iOS 8, the device will first be disabled for 1 minute.  If you still get it wrong it will further disable for 5 minutes.  Here we explain below the easiest way to bypass the passcode.   Note that you are only limited to what you can access.
Step 1 - Turn the Phone On

Turn the phone on and go to the Emergency Call screen per the image below.

Image courtesy of: apple

Step 2 - Press down the Power Button
Hold the Power button down so as to bring up the power off slide screen. Once the power off slide screen appears, press Cancel.

Image courtesy of: macworld.co.uk

Step 3 - Dial a Emergency Call Number

Dial any three-digit emergency call number, such as "112" but make sure you do not let the call connect. Hit the end button just before it connects. 

Image courtesy of: allaboutappleblog.com

Step 4 - Set your Phone into Standby

Hitting the Power button will put it in Standby. Turn the phone back on again by hitting the Power button again.

Image courtesy of: andropcgamez.biz

Step 5 - Depress Power Button for 3 seconds
Hold down the Power button for three seconds then press the Emergency Call button immediately before the phone brings up the power off slide screen.  If you see a black screen, you are either holding the Power button too long or your timing is off. 
Image courtesy of: peekay.org
Step 6 - Continuing to hold the Power button

Continuing to hold the Power button while navigating around your phone to view your contacts and call history.

Image courtesy of: stackoverflow.com

Don't want to Keep Holding the Power Button Down?

Take a screenshot while simultaneously removing your hand from the Power button. Do this by pressing the Home button and listening for the shutter sound.

Image courtesy of: jailbreakmodo

Enjoy this video to explore further
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