iPhones are the most popular and top selling smartphone brand in the world. The company Apple has more than 480 stores worldwide, and more than 10 online stores. You can virtually get it anywhere except, let’s face it, it is quite overpriced. How much does your iPhone actually cost?
How An iPhone Is Made
iPhones are made in the USA, but the parts of an iPhone are made all around the world. The parts of an iPhone start in the country of Mongolia with rare minerals and solids.

The minerals are mined and then shipped over to Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. These Asian engineers build the different parts, including the smooth, gliding touch screen and the iconic iphone shape.

Europeans then build chips and build the precise details of the iPhone, which are the “Find My iPhone” tracking device and “Find My Friends”. Though Europe is an important part of the iPhone’s journey, nothing beats China.

China is next on the list on the iPhone journey, and they are arguably the most important part of the process. People confuse iPhones being made in China and iPhones being assembled by Chinese workers in factories. They are then shipped to the USA and different parts of the world to be sold to all sorts of people like yourself.
How Much Does It Cost To Make
Think about it. How much as you willing to pay for an iPhone nowadays? 500 dollars? 800 dollars? Well, think more about it. Is it worth it? Prepare to have your mind changed.

Alphr.com compares an iPhone to a Motorola Moto G, and the results are shocking. As Alphr.com explains, the iPhone 5’s materials/parts are a bit more expensive and high quality that that of a Moto G, but sells for much higher.

A Moto G costs about 109 dollars to manufacture, but a Moto G only costs about 73 dollars more that the manufacturing cost, which adds up to 182 for a Motorola phone.

An iPhone 5 on the other hand cost a bit more to manufacture, 198 dollars. Apple adds a whopping 252 dollars to it, making it a 450 dollar iPhone 5.

So are you getting ripped off here? Well, not exactly. See, when you buy the phone you are not only buying the model, but the ecosystem of millions of apps on the App Store and the Find My iPhone and Find My Friends, as well as Health, Messages, and other apps. Your phone will also backup your information on iCloud and protect it from anywhere.

So do you think an Apple iPhone is worth the price? Is it just a big scam? Or are you better off with another smartphone. Either way, we hope we changed the way you see an iPhone and it’s up to you to decide what you want next.
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