'My Photo Stream' automatically uploads your photos so you can view them all on every iOS device you are logged on to including iPods, Macs and iPads.

Step 1 - Open 'Settings'
Step 2 - Tap on 'iCloud'


Image courtesy of: Sarah Guarino
Step 3 - Tap on 'Photos'

 see below

Image courtesy of: Juli Clover
Step 4

Under 'Photos', check if 'My Photo Stream' is turned ON and, if it isn’t, turn it on by tapping on it.


Image courtesy of: Justin Meyer
Step 5 - On Mac Open iPhoto application

 see below

Image courtesy of: dAchadea
Step 6

 Look in the top menu, click in iPhoto and then click on Preferences to open up the options tab.

Image courtesy of: Oh Wow Studios
Step 7 - In 'Preferences' go to 'iCloud'

 see below

Image courtesy of: Lowell Heddings
Step 8 - Check box next to 'My Photo Stream'
Image courtesy of: Kelly Gulmont
Step 9

 If you wish to enable Photo Sharing on your Mac or iPhone, you can do so by checking the 'Photo Sharing' option within the 'Settings'.

Step 10

By using the My Photo Stream, your photos are automatically uploaded to your secure iCloud account and are ready to be viewed on any iOS device you are signed on to. 

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