iphone is one of the most popular smartphones in mobile market. Apple has also secret codes like android secret hidden codes. Now in this post we reveal iPhone secret hidden codes.

Code 1 - *#06#

This code works on any smart phone and gives you the IMEI Number which is unique and identifies your phone in case you want to report it stolen.

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Code 2 - *3001#12345#* + Call
This puts the iPhone in field test mode providing you information about your cell network.  You will be able to see many of the inner settings of your iPhone with this command.

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Code 3 - *#43#

This handy code verifies the status of various services such as call waiting and data.  To view the current status use  *#43# .  To enable use *43# and to disable use #43#

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Code 4 - *#31#

This super handy commmand code allows you to hide your phone number for outgoing calls.  To set all calls press *#31# .  To hide for the current call only : #31#phone-number + ‘Call’.

To hide your number in outgoing calls go to the iOS Settings -> Phone -> Show My Caller ID and set that to your desired setting.

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Code 5 - *#30#
*#30# + ‘Call’ . This code displays the status of whether your phone will be displaying the number for all incoming calls.
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Code 6 - *#33#

Displays call barring settings for your iPhone, and it's status.

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Code 7 - *#21#

This code displays details about call forwarding (calls , voide and data)

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Code 8 - *#62#

Information on call forwarding in case the phone is switched off or when network services are not available. You can also view forwarding for data and faxes.

To redirecting voice calls set this from the iOS Settings -> Phone -> Call Forwarding.  Use the codes to check on call forwarding status, when phone is out of reach or when busy.

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Code 9 - ##002#

This disables all forwarding: ##002# + ‘Call’

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Code 10 - *#5005*7672#

Use *#5005*7672# + ‘Call’ to obtain your carrier’s text message center number.

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